We offer the following services:

Herbs Farm management.

We manage farms on behalf of the farmers. We carry out the following activities:

Planting- We do seed propagation and transfer seedlings to the customers farms.

Weeding – We carryout practices to eliminate unwanted weed.

Harvesting- Once the herbs are due, we harvest them for export.

Packaging- We pack the harvested herbs ready to be delivered t the market.

Herb marketing Service.

We market herbs and export them abroad. Once they are harvested, they are taken to grading, where they are packed into different sizes (based on their weight). We have packaging boxes which have labels indicating the origin of the herb and the date of harvest. They are packaged in bags designed to minimize water loss, for fresh products, so as to keep them fresh until they reach the market.

The packaged products are then delivered to the customers who placed their orders.

Post Harvest Handling

We have driers for drying herbs after harvesting. We also have cold rooms to store fresh produce. This endures the products remain fresh until they are delivered to the market. It also ensures prevention of excess moisture loss.

We handle the products carefully to avoid physical injury to the leafy tissue of the fresh herbs, which could otherwise lower their market quality.